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meet grantwriter.

Say goodbye to grant databases, annoying registrations and hello to intelligent grant funding!Our cutting-edge platform is here to transform the grant seeking process, making it faster, smarter, and more effective than ever before.

The Process Has Never Been More Simple. Funding. Done For You.


Create Your Profile

The first step is simple and powerful: create your personalized company profile! Tell us who you are, what you do, and where you want to go.Our intelligent platform will source funding opportunities based on your inputs. It’s quick, intuitive, and sets the foundation for unparalleled success.Get a grant funding report delivered in minuets, with analysis and an assigned confidence score for each opportunity.


Approve Inputs & Actions

The second part is even easier. You will get notificaitons about tasks and opportunities. Engage via text, email, or the app itself.Under your direction, agents will draft applications, complete registrations and get you prepared for funding opportunities.


Iterate On Applications.

We will bring relationships and funding opportunities your way. Again, you can engage via text, email or the app, approve applications and we will get contracts and relationships over to you asap.


Managed For You.

We work with several amazing partners to do grants managment. We have everything from free, to fully managed. Never worry about that part again.

Our Offering

One Membership.

We charge a small $29/month fee to everyone.Our network of vetted experts set thier own rates. With grantwriter you will always have full pricing transparency.

  • We still use people, we also use AI, this means we are really efficient.

  • We serve everyone from our degen pals and startup founders to non-profit leaders and government.

  • We are building the future and we want you to be part of it.

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